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Prifa Coffee Tablets

Prifa Coffee Tablets

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The New Era Of Coffee is Now In Your Pocket! Prifa Coffee Tablets provide a convenient way to enjoy coffee benefits on the go with premium ingredients. Enjoy the positive effects of coffee without the mess or fuss - just take the tablet and put it directly in your mouth!


Introducing Prifa Coffee Tablets: a natural, energy-rich coffee product with caffeine for a quick boost in under five minutes. Suitable for everyone, it contains no sugar, sorbitol, gluten, or BMOS. Convenient and easy to use, get your energy and coffee fix anytime, anywhere.

Each tin brings the delight of 25 cups of coffee, all at the incredible value of less than 60 cents per cup. These natural, energy-rich coffee tablets are crafted to give you a quick and invigorating boost in under five minutes, perfect for fueling your busy day.

How to use

Take a coffee tablet from the box and place it directly in your mouth.

As the pressed bean dissolves, you'll notice a signature flavor transition, with the taste mellowing out.

Experience the quick effects of Espresso Prifa Coffee Tablets, such as increased focus, improved mood, and more.

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Healthier Energy Boost on the Go

Say goodbye to sugary and calorie-laden coffee drinks! Prifa Coffee Tablets provide a healthier alternative, free from added sugars, sorbitol, and gluten. With a quick and easy dissolving tablet, you can now enjoy the energizing power of coffee without any guilt. Whether you're heading to work, the gym, or simply need a pick-me-up during the day, Prifa Coffee Tablets offer a convenient way to stay energized and focused without compromising your health.

Unleash Your Productivity and Focus

Prifa Coffee Tablets go beyond providing an energy boost. With their carefully selected premium ingredients, Each tablet contains up to 30mg of caffeine to help you stay alert and focused. These tablets deliver a smoother, mellow flavor that takes you on a delightful coffee journey. Experience the magic of focus and enhanced cognitive function as you indulge on these pocket-sized delights. No more waiting for your coffee to brew or dealing with spills and messes – just take a tablet and let your productivity soar.

Coffee on Your Terms, Anytime, Anywhere

Prifa Coffee Tablets bring you the freedom to enjoy coffee whenever and wherever you want. Whether you're traveling, camping, or in the middle of a busy day, these tablets fit right in your pocket, ready to be savored at your convenience. No more searching for coffee shops or waiting in lines – you have your favorite coffee at your fingertips, ready to invigorate your senses and brighten your day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Prifa Coffee Tablets?

Simply place one tablet in your mouth and let it dissolve. No need for a cup or water – enjoy your coffee on the go.

How much caffeine is in each tablet?

Each tablet contains up to 30mg of caffeine, providing a balanced and controlled dose for enhanced alertness and focus.

Can I take Prifa Coffee Tablets before a workout?

Absolutely! The caffeine in our tablets can help boost your energy and focus, making them a great option for a pre-workout pick-me-up.

Can I use these tablets as a replacement for my morning coffee?

Absolutely, Prifa Coffee Tablets are designed to provide you with the coffee experience you love, but in a more convenient and healthier form.

How many tablets can I consume in a day?

We recommend not exceeding 3 tablets per day to ensure a moderate caffeine intake.

Are these tablets flavored?

Yes, our tablets come in three delightful flavors: Espresso, Latte, and Cardamom. Each tablet offers a unique and mellow coffee experience that caters to your taste preferences.

Can I give these tablets to my children?

Prifa Coffee Tablets are formulated for adult consumption and are not recommended for children.

Can I dissolve these tablets in water?

There's no need to dissolve them in water. Just let the tablet dissolve in your mouth for an instant coffee experience.

Do the tablets contain any artificial sweeteners?

No, our coffee tablets are free from artificial sweeteners, providing you with a natural coffee experience.