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5 Types of Energy Boost Coffee for Higher Productivity!

Many individuals opt for energy boost coffee throughout the day to enable them to effectively carry out their tasks with vitality. In this article by Prifaco, we'll explain how coffee influences enhancing your strength and provide guidance on maximizing its benefits.

We'll also mention the best types of coffee to achieve peak energy levels, so keep reading for more…


How does energy boost coffee work?

Energy boost coffee works primarily due to its main active ingredient: caffeine. When consumed, caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream and then travels to the brain. It blocks the effects of a neurotransmitter called adenosine, which is responsible for making you feel tired. By inhibiting adenosine's effects, caffeine promotes increased alertness and activity.

Additionally, caffeine stimulates the release of adrenaline, providing a quick energy surge. This can lead to improved mental performance, enhanced focus, and better decision-making abilities. The combination of these effects results in the perceived boost in energy after consuming coffee.

However, it's essential to remember that while coffee can enhance energy levels and mental alertness, moderation is key to avoid potential side effects such as jitteriness, disrupted sleep, or dependency.


energy boost coffee


Tips to benefit from drinking energy boost coffee

Merely drinking coffee isn't sufficient to maintain energy throughout the day. It's essential to follow specific guidelines for achieving sustainable health and energy:

  1. Consume moderate amounts of coffee and avoid surpassing the safe daily limit of caffeine.
  2. Choose high-quality, carefully roasted coffee to ensure good flavor and an enhanced energy effect.
  3. Time your coffee consumption at the beginning of your day to benefit from increased alertness and activity.
  4. Have a balanced light meal before drinking coffee to stabilize blood sugar levels.
  5. Remember to drink sufficient water to prevent dehydration caused by caffeine.
  6. Determine the amount that suits you best and adjust your daily intake accordingly.
  7. Experiment with different types of coffee to discover the energy levels each provides.

Remember, while coffee can offer a great energy boost, it's important to complement its effects with a healthy lifestyle.


What are the best types if energy boosting coffee to increase productivity?

Here are some types of coffee that can provide you with sustained energy:

1.  Arabic Coffee

Considered one of the highest-quality coffees, Arabic coffee boasts a unique, slightly bitter taste. When carefully prepared, it can be an excellent choice for sustained energy.


energy boost


2.  Organic Coffee

Grown without harmful pesticides or chemicals, organic coffee is environmentally friendly and an energy booster.


3.  Light Roast Coffee

This type contains lower levels of caffeine, enhancing energy without the heightened tension caused by increased blood caffeine.


4.  Green Coffee

Distinguished by its richness in antioxidants and natural compounds that enhance alertness and energy.


energy boosting coffee


5.  Prifa Coffee Tablets

Providing a natural energy and focus boost, these tablets are made from premium coffee bean extracts, coconut milk, Gum Arabic, and enriched with stimulating caffeine. Packaged in small, elegant pocket-sized boxes, they're easy to carry anywhere and can be enjoyed without preparation—simply pop and relish the unique coffee flavors.

Don't hesitate, order it now!

Finding the best type for increased productivity can depend on personal taste preferences and caffeine tolerance, so exploring these different options might help identify what works best for you. Remember, moderation and understanding your body's reaction to caffeine are crucial for sustained productivity without adverse effects.




Learn more about Prifa tablets in the following article: Ingredients of Prifa Tablets.


Comparison between drinking coffee and taking Prifa tablets


Regular coffee

Prifa coffee tablets

Ease of consumption

It takes time to prepare, and a suitable place to drink

It can be carried anywhere, and it is ready to intake, and does not require preparation

Intake way

Hot or cold drink

Tablets that can be sucked


The taste of coffee varies depending on the additives to it

3 flavors (cardamom, latte, espresso)

Amount of caffeine

80-100 mg per cup

10-30 mg per tablet, depending on flavor

Control the dose of caffeine




Roasted and ground coffee beans

Fancy coffee beans, in addition to healthy and beneficial natural substances for the body

Effect on the digestive system

Coffee may cause stomach irritation in some people

Light on the stomach

Side effects

Insomnia, high blood pressure, and increased heart rate, if consumed excessively

It has no side effects


Frequently Asked Questions
Is coffee a good energy boost?

Coffee provides a rich source for boosting energy and increasing alertness, and activity due to its caffeine content, one of the common natural stimulants. Additionally, it's rich in antioxidants that combat inflammation in the body.


What is the best time to drink coffee?

It's recommended to drink coffee in the morning, roughly 3 to 4 hours after waking up when cortisol levels in the blood have lowered, as they tend to be high immediately after waking.

It's also advised to avoid consuming coffee late in the day or before bedtime to ensure a deep and peaceful sleep.


What type of coffee is best for energy boost?

Prifa coffee tablets offer an excellent option for obtaining energy and staying active during work or busy hours. They stand out for their ease of consumption and inclusion of healthy, natural ingredients alongside coffee bean extracts.




Get your Prifa coffee tablets now and enjoy an instant boost of natural energy!

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